Wednesday, July 6, 2011

doing my thing, stalking doctors collecting doctors and building shrines to doctors


Ok, so as any good TBI survivor I am collecting doctors.  It's an un-written rule I believe.  It is something that they should warn us about in the early stages.

Well, this time I have actually collected another physical therapist.  This is my 3rd round of PT since waaay after the initial rehab.  I have gone for my random lower back pain.  I have gone for my jaw and face and neck pain.  I am now getting the whole back looked at.  It seems that falling down and going boom I not only cracked my head and rearranged my brain and broke a shoulder and a wrist I have also mis-aligned my back.  Now the aches and pains and numbness and tingling and walking with a not so cool swagger finally has an answer.  Hot neuro did an MRI of my cervical area a few weeks ago.  Just that part (thats the upper part of back/shoulders) and found out HEY I HAVE BULGING DISCS.  Awesome!!   He recommended PT yet again.  So the PT checks me and he actually said, "You are jacked!"  That cracked me up and then he explained.  Basically my spine is all twisted to the left.  And my upper spine, I do have bulges that practically go all the way to my ass bone.   And he cannot  do my PT with traction until we get my spine realigned, so today he cracked the hell outta my back.  And electrocuted me (EMS) and it all felt pretty good.  I think and hope after this I will be back to my graceful ballerina self,  :)  With no damn surgery.  I just hope no one gets the bright idea to MRI my whole back.  I mean as much as I love my hot neuro and love him sedating me and having his way with my innards, I would really like to not have back/neck surgery.  
  Pretty soon I see the Infectious disease doc.  I have only met her once after my surgery where they took out my skull piece.  I dont really remember her since I saw her after surgery and I was super duper drugged.  Gotta love drugs.  But I gotta see her and hope I am not infected again.  Since my hot neuro put me on antibiotics my head has stopped oozing and feeling weird.  Yeah, it was oozing...not so hot.  Welcome to my world.  And since being on the heavy doses of these meds and now feeling better I wonder if something was infected.  AWESOME.
  I have to stop now and continue my shrine building.  Taj Mahal has nothing on this masterpiece I'm working on!